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Medha Innovation is a technology startup founded by a team of technology entrepreneurs with locations in India and business partnerships in US. We are a growing team of passionate software specialists with skills in current open source technologies. We work in large scale data integration, mobile, and data security. At MID we focus on team work, creativity, quality, and ideas that are reflected in our work.


Mr. Anidhya Bhatnagar

Mr. Anidhya Bhatnagar is CEO & CBO of company, he brings the strategic development, operational efficiency and quality control experience. In his 17 year of career, he has 3 years experience in Big Data Technologies and 5 year experience of complete software development with different technologies. He also had 10 years of experience in Banking Industry at leadership roles at Axis Bank and HDFC Bank. He earned his MBA from DAVV Indore. He is leading the operations of the company, assuring timely and on-budget delivery of quality products with operational excellence.

Er. Amogh Bhatnagar

Er. Amogh Bhatnagar is CTO. He have amazing expertise and research skill with proven track record of his 7 year's career in development. He had expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Algorithm Design & Analysis, Big-Data Technologies, Bioinformatics Analysis & Development. He has focus on Innovative Solutions. He holds an M.Sc from Birla Institute of Technology, India and M. Tech from DAVV Indore.


Values are not new, our employees live them every day and based on these values, they achieve the success in developing quality products. The values are absolutely business relevant - and we strongly believe that no customer would want to work with a company which is not perceived as reliable, excellent and innovative!

  • Innovative

  • Excellent

  • Responsible